Neonatal Respiratory Applications
   •  Surfactant deficiency
   •  Meconium aspiration
   •  Pneumonia
   •  Pulmonary hypertension
   •  Diaphragmatic herna
   •   iNO with PFC
Pediatric and Adult Respiratory Applications
  •  ARDS
  •  Pneumonia
  •  Aspiration syndromes
Diagnostic Techniques
  •  Radiographs contrast agent of varying radiopacity
  •  Virtual bronchoscopy; PFC as a bronchoscopic contrast agent enhances the navigation of small distal airways
  •  Bronchoscopy and lavage are used to confirm diagnosis and can be therapeutic in patients suffering inhalation injury.
  •  PFC attenuates the hypoxemia associated with saline bronchoscopic lavage
Drug Delivery
  •  PFCs low surface tension and the ability to enter collapsed lung regions permits better drug distribution in the diseased lung..
  •  Antibiotics
  •  Vasopressors
  •  Anesthetics
Lungs with PFC as a Heat Exchanger
  •  Large lung surface area with a thin epithelial barrier is an excellent heat exchanger. PFC has a high heat capacity and can be used to warm or cool lungs and core body.
Selective Brain Cooling
  •  Cooling the nasopharynx by spraying evaporative PFC can rapidly reduce brain temperature
Lung Protection During Cardiopulmonary Bypass
  • Anti-inflammatory, avoidance of alveolar collapse, improved oxygenation, and low surface tension  may protect the lung before and during cardiopulmonary bypass
Cancer Therapy
  •  Assist the antineoplastic effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy in the lung by inducing localized hyperthermia or hyperoxia of the lung surface
  • Hyperthermia for convective heat  transfer
  • Directed chemotherapeutic agents
  Augment radiation therapy by hyper-oxygenating the lung surface

Neonatal Liquid Ventilation